CanDee is a business growth strategist who works with owners in the eCommerce and retail brick and mortar industry.  CanDee provides consulting and coaching to help her clients gain a better understanding of how their business financials work so that they can make better decisions to advance the growth and improve the operations of their companies. 

CanDee believes that every business owner should have a successful business by clearly understanding their finances and knowing how o streamline their business operations to run their business most effectively and profitably.  When business owners get these financial aspects in place, they can spend more time with those they love, doing what they love to do.  

As a master member of Profit First, CanDee has earned the 2019 Profit First Professional of the Year Award and is an active member of the Intuit ProAdvisor program, helping businesses find the right software solution for their business needs.  CanDee has supported her clients all of the United States helping them grow their business from zero sales to million and billion-dollar successful revenues.  Her passion is to relieve financial stress for the business owner so that they can remember that feeling of why they started their business, and what change they wanted to make in the world. 

CanDee holds an Associate's Degree in Business as well as an Associate's degree in Applied Science with a minor in Accounting from the College of Southern Nevada. Outside of her coaching and consulting services, CanDee loves spending time with her grandbabies, and she is an avid crafter, who loves to make custom gifts for her family and friends.

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